Populating Active Directory through a Trusted Network over IPSEC

  • We have 2 sites

    Site A
    Site B

    Site A = Domain A and consists of 2 servers.
    Site B = Domain B consisting of 1 server

    Site A and B are connected with a VPN through IPSEC and is trusted.

    Site B connects to Site A to access Citrix,

    In order for Citrix to work I need to add users from Site B domain into Site A 's Citrix server's Remote Desktop Group.

    I fully opened the ports between the sties with any to any and ports any to any  and protocols any to any

    and did the reverse on the B.  I am able to finally see the A/D of Site B on Site A's main server yet on the Citrix Server in Site A I can not populate the users from Site B, I can see the Domain name listed yet when I attempt to expand the server (+) nothing is listed underneath.

    I am sure this is a firewall issue I disabled all virus and windows firewall but the problem still occurs does anyone have any advice or anything I can try that may help me get passed this probem?


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