Connecting to local subnet issue

  • During the testing of pfsense openvpn server I faced issues in pinging machines in subnet of pfsense server.


    • Internet router provided by ISP. IP:
    • My Laptop. Ubuntu 9.04. IP:
    • pfsense running as a virtual machine (vmware player). WAN IP:, LAN IP:
    • Another virtual machine (vmware player) running with IP:

    OpenVPN Setup

    • TUN interface
    • Tunnel network:
    • push "route" in place


    OpenVPN client on Windows XP tries to connect to openvpn server & tries to ping


    • Connection with the openvpn server gets successfully established.
    • Client can ping & addresses.
    • Client is also able to ping (the machine on which the pfsenseissue vm is running)
    • But client is not able to ping (another virtual machine) or (internet gateway on server side)

    I dont know why such behavior is observed. Appreciate if anybody can offer some explanation.


    Chetan S.

  • I was able to solve the issue by changing the LAN IP Address to The problem is that if WAN & LAN ips are in same subnet then the problem occurs as soon as I change the LAN IP to say then client is able to ping the host. Can someone please explain why this happens.

  • It's just basic routing. A router that is connected to two or more different networks has to be able to tell the networks apart somehow, it can not guess where to send the packets if two networks have ip address that overlap.

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