Need ASAP help with routing and OpenVPN tunnels

  • Hi, at wits end with vpns. I can get the new tunnels up, but they dont pass any traffic. Nothing shows in the logs. I have moderate knowledge of pfsense and cant make it go. As an consultant I need to find someone that I can trust to help me whenever I get stuck like this. I will pay an reasonable hourly rate, fix it in 5 minutes and get an hour :) Please email me ASAP at (a temporary address) with your phone number and I will call. Also post here after you email me so I will check it.


  • This is exactly what the pfSense Commercial Support offering is for.  Consider signing up for a support contract.

  • I would prefer the commercial support, but the 600.00 entry is simply too much as a small shop. I might not need any more help for 6 months or I might need many hours next week you never know. I prefer to pay as I go type of thing.

    I found this particular problem and fixeed. Ipsec was on, but not enabled. Basically I read that with freebsd if you have an ipsec tunnel to a remote network even if its disabled in my case that it cannot pass traffic to that network through openvpn. Very obscure, but a simple chceck box fixed it. Too bad it took several days of unbillable work to find that box!

  • If the bar to entry is too high for you, at least consider buying the book.  I suspect the $30USD outlay would have saved you several days' effort.

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