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  • Hi there

    Sorry to be bringing up and old subject i found a post in 2006 where someone asked a similar question but there was no solution can not find any other relevant posts was maybe hoping someone figured a way

    So here goes I have been running a captive portal with 242 users for the last nine months and its been brilliant wireless and wired no problems at all.

    My question is the 242 users need to be deleted and 356 new users added I have the new users on a csv file with all the relevent fields needed when adding a user in the captive portal in pfsense webadmin is there a way to access the database to import users or maybe a file i can copy and convert my .csv to match

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • edit the config file via copy and paste

  • continuing XIII comment

    Yes the best way I know that is easy to import or delete a large amount of new users is to backup the config, open the config file is Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad and use the copy and past solution. The only problem with this method is the passwords are not in plain text so you may have trouble there.

    Just thought if the solution was more specific you would be able to understand.

  • Thanks a million for the explanation i was trying to figure out how to copy the config file but after the explanation i realised its really simple
    i just choose backup in the web admin instead of all i just chose captive portal then opened it with excel 2010 and chose as an XML table and it looks like this which is very similar to the excel sheet i have of the new users

    which is very similar to the excel sheet i have of the new users

    would there be any way to display the passwords in plain text or to convert plain text to the way its display in the XML file i.e letmein123 -> 88a0082b6c5419f41937ebcc7b876010

    Sorry to be a pain but it would be a useful feature for as most of the list changes often

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