Questions about firewalling pfsense

  • hi guys. i have a few questions regarding pfsense functionality:

    1. the very first of my questions is.. basically was, if i could add a firewall rule based on domain instead if IP. this was answered during a previous topic i started and i was told that this feature will be included in v2 of pfsense.

    2. My other question is how can i add multiple services in a single firewall rule. If i want for example access from one ip to another only in http and ftp, can i add these two services in a single rule, or i must create two? If not, will this be implemented in a future release?

    3. My final question is when adding a new rule and have to reload states in order for the new rule to take effect. I noticed that this drops connections for a short time (5-10 sec). Is there any way not to?


  • 1. wait till 2.0 is stable or get the current beta
    2.yes and no, create the main rule then add a rule based off of that one
    3. yes its done to apply the new rules to current connections, not an issue for stuff like online banking/email only for video and some low latency connections.

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