KVM / (ACPI) Shutdown?

  • I have installed pfSense under KVM and libvirt - works well for my purposes.

    The only issue I have is with shutting down pfSense remotely/automatically:

    • ACPI shutdown (virsh shutdown pfsense) does not yield any result

    • "ssh root@pfsense.domain shutdown -h now" just gives me the pfsense terminal menu, but does not seem to execute the shutdown

    Is there any way to get a gentle shutdown working? "virsh destroy pfsense" works, but is not really nice, as it might corrupt things.


  • I am having (I believe) the same issue.  Not using xen, but proxmox (running pfsense with KVM.)  I do not have the 'disable acpi' box checked for the VM.  Any thoughts?

  • Actually, I think I was having a different issue.  kvm shutdown command totally ignored.  This seems to be freebsd-related, not specifically pfsense.  More specifically, freebsd is the victim - the bug is in the seabios used by kvm.


    So, I guess I live with it until an update/fix.  Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.

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