Php coders I need help with these codes

    radius_database = /sr/local/etc/raddb/users  //this is the record of all radius users 
    cp_database = /var/db/captiveporta.db        //this is the record of logged-on clients
    radius_user = count(radius_database)
    cp_users = count(cp_database)
    for i = 1 to len(radius_user)
    	if radius_user[i][expiration] = today
    		for ii = 1 to len(cp_users)
    			if radius_user[i][username]=cp_users[ii][username]
    		next ii
    next i
    close databases
    I will be using this in terminating current logged-on users if their account is expired at 00:00hrs.
    thanks and more power

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