Connect my pfSense router to the Main router downstairs?

  • I made an old computer into a router/firewall with pfSense. My goal is to connect this wirelessly to the MAIN router downstairs. My reason for doing so is because we use DSL and I am quite sure there is no PCI-based NIC for DSL cables. My pfSense router is using a Wireless USB device. The Internet access would travel through that, through my switch, and into my electronics. I want to accomplish this. How do I do so? Thanks in advance FOLKS! ^_^

  • not sure why you are doing it this way?  you already have a router connecting you to the outside world - if you put pfsense behind it, you will have another layer of networking, as well as making it difficult for hosts behind the pfsense to talk to hosts on the main LAN.  what specifically are you trying to accomplish?

  • there are pci based dsl modems that are still sold (unlike pci cable modems which are not sold anymore)

    the pci dsl modems are around $120 USD+, you would be best to bridge (disable the router portion of it) the dsl gateway and use it as a modem only.

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