Problem Getting to WebGui

  • Problem: PC on same subnet as WebGui can open WebGui but PC on another subnet cannot open WebGui

    WebGui =
    LAN Interface =
    Only rule defined is Any <-> Any on LAN interface
    Only static route defined is via
    PC#1 can open WebGui
    PC#2 on different subnet ( cannot open Web Gui
    Both PC’s can ping each other
    Both PC’s can ping the LAN interface
    Also tried RDP from PC#2 <-> PC#1 and that failed also
    Log shows “all label default deny rule” for RDP and HTTP access and from the little I've read we are not supposed to get to caught up in that.  If we have just an ANY<->ANY rule and everyone can ping everyone why can't we PC#2 open WebGui or RDP to PC#1?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I would check (and double, then triple check) that your subnet mask is specified properly everywhere.

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