Unable to connect remotely by DYNDNS

  • Hello, to everyone!
    It is my first post, and I hope i'm in the right place (i suppose is a firewall problem).
    I set up a simple system, 1 LAN, 1 WAN, captive portal and DYNDNS.
    I set the firewall using the wizard traffic shaping, privileging http traffic and penalizing P2P.

    I set up Dyndns, but if I type the hostname xxxxx.dyndns.xxx from my internal network I can reach my pfsense server, if I do the same from another network it is unreachable.

    Do have I to open some port?
    I'm not an expert so please kepp me as a dummy :-)


  • Yes, sure, you have to create a NAT entry and rule for this on the WAN interface.
    The latter is done automatically if you do not uncheck the "automatic creation of a firewall rule" when saving the NAT entry.

    But why would you want to expose the GUI of your firewall to the public?
    Use HTTPS at least and maybe an unsuspicious port, not 443…

  • Thanks,
    I did it!

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