Building bridge: 2ralink+lan

  • Just a notice that it is possible to make a bridge with three network cards. For example I have:
    Two ralink 2560 in AP mode and one lan card bridged one to another in a way:
    LAN = WAN interface
    RAL1 = LAN interface
    RAL2 = OPT interface

    Then bridging lan interface to wan and ral to lan, I know that solution is not good, and I should stick to routing but this is a temporary solution. ALSO you must enable intra-BSS otherwise clients will not be able to ping each other.

  • This will be supported in a much better way with the next major version where you will be able to create bridging groupes across several interfaces. Atm a setup like this is not officially supported but thanks for the info  ;)

  • Well, another thing I noticed is that wfter some amount of transfer or at some speed server juest hangs. One is working fine, but another is going down almost evry day. Just give me your opinion, is 160MB ram/400Mhz celeron enought for that? It should be… Or is it a driver (ralink) problem?

  • The systemspecs should be ok, however you are running an unsupported configuration atm.

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