LAN or WAN working, I can't get both working at the same time

  • I'll start off with some background. I found out about pfsense not long ago so I scrounged up some old NICs, tossed them in an old pc, and all was well.

    So now I want to install pfsense under my vmware 2.x server. I took the same NICs from my test pfsense machine and put them in my server. It's a 2008 server x64 box. Only one of my NICs is recognized so that leaves me with one PCI REALTEK card and the onboard NIC.

    In my network devices I have my onboard NIC and my REALTEK NIC as well as vmnet1 and vmnet8. I'm assuming these are the virtual networks for each card. I have the bridge setting checked for each. On the REALTEK card, I have everything except for the bridge setting unchecked.

    Onboard = lan, REALTEK = wan.

    I downloaded the applicance and followed the instructions at the bottom of this post:,19552.0.html.

    If I start up the vm I can configure the local lan and connect to it just fine, but the wan connection doesn't work. To get the wan connection to work I have to edit the vmx to say vmnet8 instead of vmnet5. Once I do this, I get my wan connection and from the pfsense console I can ping google and whatever else I like, but I can't connect to the lan port!

    I spent many hours tinkering with different settings, and I'm finally to the point where I'll say I need help!

    Edit: After digging around for a while, I found out that the network editor is no longer part of the gui. Instead I needed to run vmnetcfg.exe. I'll try that tonight and see how it goes. I must have been configuring both the wan and the lan to use the same network adapter. No wonder it didn't work.

    Edit2: Sure enough that's all it was. I set vmnet3 to my wan port and connected that to the vm and now life is good. Now to figure out why the wan monitoring won't work in bandwidthd :).

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