How do I implement captive portal in this scenario?

  • Hi. We are using here in my company a pfsense box with 4 nics ( lan+wan+opt1+ free nic). Now I'd like to give mobile users a controlled internet connection passing through captive portal. We have recently implemented a Cisco full IP mobile voice/data solution with 18 access points all controlled by a wireless Lan controller (cisco 5508). Now the question is. How do I create and configure a new interface on pfsense and, most important, how do I physically connect my controller to the interface?
    thanks in advance.

  • Possibly cisco controller is using a tunnel between controller and access point so that it can enforce policies to the users who connect to wireless AP. Use the spare interface which u have on pfsense to connect to Cisco controller and see that the whatever IP you are assigning to that PFsense spare Interface will be the default gateway for cisco controller. Enable captive portal on that spare interface. In captive portal allow requests to dns server ip without authentication. and disable all the captive portal authentication on cisco controller and keep it as open SSID without authentication or use a simple wep key so that u can provide basic authentication for wireless Access. Enable DHCP on pfsense Spare Interface. things should work fine for you.


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