Routing Isssue with Openvpn and DDWRT

  • This seems to be a common topic but nothing I have found has resolved my issues.

    My setup is work networks (10.x.x.x/16) –> Pfsense --> VPN Tunnel (10.30.x.x/16) --> DDWRT (

    Everything connects fine and from the client end I can  ping the networks I need to but from the work network I can not ping across the VPN. On the pfsense box I am pushing routes to all of the work networks that the clients need access to.  On my work network I have tried creating static routes to route the VPN client network to the private IP of the pfsense box.  Nothing seems to work.

    Do I have to use bridging for this to work or is there something I am missing?  Traceroutes from the work network to the client network stop at the pfsense box so I'm assuming the issue is there.

  • iptables -I INPUT -s 10.x.x.x/16 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I FORWARD -s 10.x.x.x/16 -j ACCEPT

    add this en firewall dd-wrt

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