Same old help with Wireless setup thread.

  • I've just upgraded to the 1.2.3 release on my currently flawless pfsense box..I decided to add wifi to it so I put in a dwl-520….

    I've managed to get it setup to the point where the laptop ( wifi client) will connect , it see the AP just fine , but it wont get an IP addy.

    I've setup the firewall rules to pass all on the 'opt1' ( the wifi card ).I have set the opt1 1 IP to  (The lan interface is have enabled the DHCP server on opt1 and set ranges.

    It (the laptop) does not get an IP.

    I'm sure I'm missing something , Help ?

  • Can you provide some more details about your configuration?

    In my home there are two Windows Vista laptops that had trouble with DHCP over wireless that needed a registry change to fix. I suspect (but can't readily prove) that a Windows Update broke DHCP. (DHCP all of a sudden stopped working on both no more than a week apart.)

    I have a Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) netbook that wouldn't work with my pfSense AP until I changed the crypto settings on pfSense. Ubuntu 8.04 on the same netbook worked fine.

  • Sure will !

    Hardware wise , the laptop is an IBM thinkpad t42 , running Windows XP Pro 32 bit.It's fully updated to my knowledge.


    Here's the opt1 setup :


    dhcp setup for opt1 :


    Interfaces :


    Firewall rules for opt1 :


    Here's where it gets weird ;

    Since I posted last night , it's suddenly decided to work.I have changed nothing and the laptop was off all night.I turned it on today and it's fully connecting.

    I still cannot get online , but it appears the problem has changed.

    Any ideas ?

    TYIA  ;D

  • Quicky update :

    I've double checked everything.

    The laptop fully connects.I can ping the LAN interface , however I can't get internet , or access other network computers from the laptop.


    I'm going to try setting the gateway to…......

  • @BrainEater:

    I'm going to try setting the gateway to…......

    That may not help.

    If the laptop is getting an IP address from pfSense it should also be getting the default gateway address from pfSense (and probably the IP address of the DNS server.) So, in your configuration, for a system connected to OPT1 the default gateway will be (the pfSense OPT1 IP address). For broadcast media such as Ethernet and WiFi the default gateway needs to be on the same subnet as the interface in use unless you have a static route to the gateway through a system on the same subnet.

    If you change the firewall rules you generally need to reset states to have the rule change take effect. See Diagnostics -> States, click on the Reset States tab. Did you reset firewall states?

    For troubleshooting, from the pfSense console you could try pinging your laptop and pinging somewhere on the Internet. If both succeed then try pinging the same internet destination from the laptop. If the ping from the laptop doesn't succeed then look in the pfSense firewall log and system log to see if there are any "interesting" reports.

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