Firewall/NAT rule Enable/Disable toggle

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if it would be possible to add a toggle switch to activate or de-activate firewall and NAT rules without having to go into the rule's sub-menu?  I often change up rules on the firewall, and toggles would be a quicker way to simply turn on and off rules which I don't want to delete.

    Thanks again … pfSense is terrific!

    -- Phob

  • You can do this with the firewall rules already. Just click the Pass/Block/reject icon in the line of the rule and it will be disabled. apply and you are done. Clicking it again enables the rule again.




    Guess I should have tried that … thanks for the heads up!

    -- Phob

  • Ever tried singleclicking or doubleclicking somewhere in the rule line?  ;D

  • LOL … nope!  ;)  Guess I should go back to my roots of just trying to click on everything!

    Thanks again...

    -- Phob