500 - Internal Server Error

  • I have pfSense 1.0.1 installed (installed it this evening).  It took a few tries to actually get it installed so that it would boot up.

    I was flipping around the webgui and got to a point where it stopped responding to me and returned "Internal Server Error"s.

    I killed all of the php processes and then restarted the WebConfigurator and that finally got it working again.  I had it stop responding to me earlier this evening, too, and then it suddenly started working again.

    Great product, but the webgui is worrying me a bit.

  • I have never experienced any error like that. What's your hardware specs?

  • Never seen that on 1.0.1. You using the full install or embedded? Also did you get any errors during install. You said it took a few tries to get it to boot, which makes it seem like something is hosed.

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