PFSense seems dead - am I missing something?

  • Hey all - just looking for a general sense of what PFSense is up to.  It seems almost dead in the development area.  /Great/ idea, /great/ start, but it feels almost stale.  Am I missing something?

    Input, thoughts, comments?

  • Um… WTF?
    Did you ever use pfSense or install the new beta? (which gets updated almost daily...)
    pfSense is one of the most active opensorce projects, so i don't really see where you get your "It seems almost dead in the development area."

  • When I saw this post yesterday I did wonder whether the OP is a troll.  I still do wonder since the signs of active growth aren't hard to find, even if you just use the Beta forum here.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    They probably only look at full stable releases, and there hasn't been one since late last year. I agree it isn't hard to find info about the development being ongoing. There have been talks about it at the various *BSD conferences, multiple announcements on the blog, interviews on and The BSD Show among others.

    So they are either really bad at even basic research, or a troll.

  • A fast development cycle is not better, look IOS from Cisco… it is a nightmare to find a stable release, it is just ok for BU and Sales depts.
    I prefer slow development and better quality.
    So far so good with PFsense, I agree that it should have more and better features in 2.0 if it doesn't want to give space to other solutions.

  • Number of innovations in 2.0 require a lot of time to refine and debug the product. I think before the release of remains is not very much time, but hurry will not. It is important quality of product.

  • Just as a regular user I'd like to say that for me getting a really reliable product is much more important than rushing "stable" versions all over the place. After all, it's a firewall/router we are talking about. Once installed and setup, I wouldn't wanna touch my pfSense for moths, for years even.

    So, take your time and figure everything that's there to figure out and give us a really reliable product.


  • yup … a troll  ;D

    pfsense have great quality ...
    great work for dev ...

  • pfSense is great, I just wish the forums were more alive. :D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You kidding? The forums are rather busy if you look at the whole site, not just any single board… There are usually around 3+ pages of new/updated threads per day when you look at the "All Unread Topics" view:;all;start=0

  • At a quick glance I can understand why the OP would think this.
    If you look at the news on the main page, well its fairly out of date.

    Nov 28th is really the last post with any info and it says the RC is coming soon.
    That post is months old and we have no idea when the RC will be out.

    Also in the 2.0 Section you have a sticky that says
    " 2.0 NOT for use in production "
    So that could also scare people off a little.

    Would be nice if a quick blurb on how close we are until RC is out.

    Is the RC just waiting on the last few tickets
    to be closed?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We were going to switch to RC1 yesterday, had a nice announcement planned… and then people reported a panic and some other issues with the snapshot which were showstoppers. It'll be any day now, as long as things settle down in terms of panics and such.

  • I'll just add that this is your firewall we're talking about, it absolutely has to be rock solid. That means a lot of testing and long periods between releases. I'd say the forum has plenty of activity though.

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