Bittorrent / DHT / UDP Problem

  • Hi,
    one weird thing with pfSense. I installed Azureus and uTorrent (only ONE runs at a time). BT is using one port for TCP and UDP so I set up the forward. TCP is reachable but the DHT status always shows up as firewalled (which indicates UDP forward is not working).

    Strange enough, I then removed the forward and installed the UPnP package, activated the option in Azureus and uTorrent and everything is working.

    Makes we wonder if there is a bug with UDP forwarding if you set it up manually? I'm running 1.0.1.

  • I have both pfsense 1.0.1 and Azureus and I have noticed the DHT firewalled, but it does go away after a short time.

  • Strange. My Azureus is running 24/7 and DHT always showed as firewalled. Only with the UPnP it's working fine. And the UPNP Status page shows nothing at all… but it's working.

  • I'm using utorrent without upnp package. Only have one portforward in place for it and it does not show up as firewalled.

  • this may be attributed to NAT reflection not being enabled on all configurations.

    The clients checks itself by connecting to the outside port it forwarded and see if it works. eMule has some KAD network issues with this UDP port forward as well. So yes, it would actually work from the outside. But testing from the inside would/could fail.

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