Blocked Lan to Wan log entries

  • Hello guys,
    I have rules that allow any lan net address to reach any WAN address over port 80 and port 443. My last rule is to block any to any.
    Just out of curiosity, my firewall logs indicate traffic being blocked from a lan computer to a wan address using port 80 because of the block any to any rule. Can someone explain why this traffic is being blocked by the last any to any block rule instead of being passed by the lan to any wan over port 80 or 443. I dont have any problems surfing the Internet, just wondering and to get a better understanding of the logs.

    Below are my rules on the Lan interface;
    Proto    Source Port Dest Port
    allow tcp    lannet * *      80
    allow tcp        lannet    *       *     443
    block *     *        * * *

    Below is what I get in my logs;
    Block    LAN TCP:F
    Block    LAN TCP:R

    Not sure if TCP:F or TCP:R is whats causing the traffic to ignore the two allow rules and hit the last block rule.

    Thanks in advance

  • no replies :(

    why are some tcp:f and tcp:r using port 80 being blocked from my lan to wan even though I have an allow rule from all lan subnet to wan over port 80?

    Again, no problems connecting to the Internet, just want to understand pfsense.

  • You don't need to add manually a "block all" rule.
    There is already one invisible below all your rules.

    You most probably see these blocked entries because of this:"blocked"_for_traffic_from_a_legitimate_connection,_why%3F

  • Thank you GruensFroeschli; now I understand !

    Are there any other invisible rules?
    If there are any other invisible rules, is there a way to see them?


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