IPSec VPN and iPhone

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    Can you open a feature request ticket on redmine with more details about that option (like exactly where it goes in the config).

    It may not make it into 2.0, but if it's easy/simple it would be nice to have. If not in 2.0 we can get it into 2.1 for sure.

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    Saw that, looks perfect.

    Doesn't look hard to acommodate, might be easy to add when someone with a few spare cycles can take a look.

  • I created a patch for this and while testing it found out that there is a catch with save_passwd option and iPhone (or should I say racoon because that's what iPhone uses as a client). It will only work if VPN configuration is created on iPhone manually; if it is deployed on iPhone using the 'iPhone configuration utility' profile user will always have to enter the password no matter if server allows saving passwords or not :(

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    Thanks for the patch. If nobody else commits it before tomorrow I'll work it in.

    I might add that bit about the setting not being honored when deployed as an FAQ once the option is in.

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    Committed, thanks!

    Note that I did change the wording slightly and added your caveat about iPhone client deployment.

  • Thanks Jim, I tested it with the new snap and it's working fine.

  • I will also try the latest snapshot one day…


  • I don't know if it's the correct place to write this.

    Based on racoon.conf from a MacOSX server, I managed to configure an IPSec VPN with an IPad (and Macbook):
    Mobile Clients
    Nothing special

    Phase 1
    Auth Method: Mutual PSK + XAuth
    Negociation method: agressive
    My identifier: my_dyndns_address
    Peer identifier: my_e_mail_address
    Pre-shared key: put something
    Proposal checking: claim
    Encryption alg: AES 256
    Hash alg: SHA1
    DH Key group: 2
    The rest is default

    Phase 2
    Mode: Tunnel
    Local Network: LAN Subnet
    Protocol: ESP
    Encryption alg: everything but DES
    Hash alg: both
    PFS key group: off

    2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Wed Jan 5 05:23:35 EST 2011

    Add an accept all, any protocol, any… in the IPSec tab of the Firewall.

    So far I'm connected I just can't ping anything (neither the pfSense, nor the other hosts)
    But I'll find out...

  • Hi,

    u need to provide more information like ipsec logs and Mac logs.

    plz post u racoon.conf.


  • Ok, no problem, I'll send everything tomorrow.
    If you tell me where I can write it, I can write an "How to create a mobile client IPSec VPN for iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch" because… it's perfectly working...

    My only issue is that the VPN subnet cannot overal at all with the local subnet.

    My local subnet was "" and I used "" for the VPN clients… This is not working, apparently the VPN subnet cannot be included in the LAN one.

    So now I used "" for IPSec client and...it's perfect.

    Hum, not really, it's pre-shared keys, Xauth based, no radius, no certificate... not state of the art security level.
    However, I think that's what most user will configure. Easy to setup, no CA needed, no radius needed, ready in 10 minutes and still secure with a long pre-shared secret and complex user passwords.

  • Another VERY IMPORTANT paramter!

    The user has to have the "User - System - Shell account access" effective privilege.
    I just realize that if I create a user without this parameter, there is no way to connect it to the VPN.

  • aha….. for the first time i have a connection thanks to that last bit of info.
    i can't ping anything though. where is the subnet set? i see 2 places ie under mobile clients & phase 2
    do they both have to match, be different and which one needs to be different to what subnets are on the router for lan/vlan?
    i've tried a few combinations buut to no avail.

  • First of all, let me greet everyone here, and I hope I can get some help from you on the same subject that you all had success, and that I sadly, can't seem to get it right… :( :'(

    The usual suspects: Iphone 4.2.1 wants to connect via ipsec (cisco) to pfsense 2.0Beta5 (latest I could get this month).
    First I did my tests from outside side WAN, then tried internal LAN, just to rule out any kind of weird problems with the DSL router.

    My question, is if there's some kind of guide, step by step (coz iphone is very picky with the exact settings), on how to accomplish this feat?, and then once PSK works, I would like to move to the "big leagues" of the certs and have the iphone automagically connect and all that unspeakable black magic ;)

    I've searched the forum, google and the usual suspects, but the info is lacking, or isn't exactly what I am searching for, that this topic seems to cover spot on.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope someone can help out this poor soul make his way (I've already pulled a lot of hair on this one...).


  • I'll post screenshots when I'll be backgammon home. Too hard to do on iPad.

  • Wow, that was an unbeleivably fast reply, thank you!  :o

    In the mean time I will be trying again with the info in http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23519.0.html … if I manage I will post here asap the results.

    --- EDIT ---

    Managed finally to get the PSK part working somehow, still have to test from outside to inside WAN->LAN and see if everything is working as it should, and then, I will slap myself a couple of times, and move on to your info about CERT, and make iphone open vpn automatically, etc...

    --- EDIT2 ---

    Slapped myself once, as it is working lovely from WAN side (actually nasty 3G), but I can only ping pfsense from the iphone, and for some odd reason, the traffic in the iphone is not going through the VPN tunnel... have to investigate more...

  • Here are some screenshots.

    To provide you with a complete information:

    • my local network is using –>
    • you have to do the ssh thing as I already mentionned

    What I still have to fix:

    • local netwok names are not resolved within the VPN

    Hope it'll help
    (rename the attachment to .zip)


  • Thank you very much for your help and time!!

    The problem is that I can't manage to open the txt -> zip file in winrar… decompression errors... I can see there are 4 PDF files but can't extract them.
    Also, do you know how to do the CERT part, where U issue a certificate to the iphone, so it connects automatically?.

  • The archive was created on a mac. Just send me a private message with your e-mail and I'll send you the pdf's.

    For the cert part, I have no idea for the moment.
    I didn't find yet a cert mgmt tool good for me (home usage only, very simple, with a gui if possible).
    So for the moment I didn't try. But I'm sure I will

  • could you post your screens as gif or jpeg here? Would be easier than sending them one by one to all people asking…

  • I'll do it tomorrow but size limits are rather strict one the forum…

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