Aliasing a CIDR list

  • Is there currently any way to input a long (150 to 200 line) list of CIDR netblocks into an address table?
    I have added them manualy into the conf file, but that is truly a PITA. And it seams my only options on doing it that way are to create a backupfile, and edit it and then restore to it, or to manualy add it from SSH and then reboot.

    Even if we can just create the file and then point the alias at the file that would make life a ton easier..

    Thanks for any ideas.  :-)

  • The next major version of pfSense has an improved alias system that allows use of iplist textfiles (see for a preview on this feature).

  • Will this be in the near future?

    Very sweet feature by the way.  Thanks!

  • We are in the early alpha stages of the version that will have this feature so it's too early to say anything about a releasedate.

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