RADIUS authentication (aka: yeah, I'm frustrated)

  • Hi,
    I'm starting a new topic since I've found no complete, exhausting informations on how to configure user authentication on a generic RADIUS server.
    Leaving aside the Windows 2003 RADIUS tutorial that it's too "Windows-specific" and the freeradius proveded as a package for pfSense (that is just fine but I need to have the RADIUS server somewhere else), I simply have no clue when trying to setup TekRADIUS which asks me every single attribute for each user (or group).
    Since m0n0wall documentation is simply ancestral and also lacking of this information, can anyone explain which attribute needs to be setup for a successful authentication of a user?

    Set an attribute "User-Password" with Type: "Check" and Value: "your-password", "NAS-Port-Type" - "Success-Reply" - "Ethernet", and so on.

    Here I promise and swear - as I figure out this, I'll make a new neat and nice tutorial on pfSense + captive portal + TekRADIUS.  :) I'm Italian, we are trustworthy people…

  • I looked at the software and it appears that it is Windows-based.  Why would you use TekRADIUS instead of the built-in IAS/NPS?  Especially when it looks like the TekRADIUS software isn't being updated and is more difficult to set up.

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