Redirection won't work before Captive Portal

  • Hello,

    I've deployed CP in pfsense and it worked fine. Now (I don't know why) I have problem with auto redirection on client startup.

    I turn on client web browser and type eg. I'm not authenticatd, so I should be moved to internal web auth -> But I'm not - I only receive timeout. If I manually point my browser on startup to I can authenticate and after that everything seems to be OK.
    Where is missing that redirection?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What DNS server is being used by the clients?

    It should be using as its DNS server. If you are using an external DNS server supplied directly to clients, you will need to add an IP bypass to the portal config for the DNS server IPs, or else the clients can't resolve DNS, which means they can't ever try to make the connection, let alone redirect.

    That may not be your issue, but it's one of the most common.

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