RTL-2560 Chipset. Supported in Pfsense?

  • As per the topic, is the RTL-2560 supported?

  • If it is listed in this URL: http://www.pfsense.com/index.php?id=37 then it is supported.

  • Yes, it has been reported to work in the past.

  • AArgh!! The card is working with my laptop, but it just refuses to connect to my access point. Is there anything I could be doing wrong?
    I've turned off security until I can connect, both pfsense and the AP are on the same channel and have the same SSID and yet they will not connect, any ideas why not?

    This is what I'd like (–-- = wired ~~~~=Wireless)

                                      ~~~Wireless Devices
                                        **~Access Point
    ~Wireless Devices**
    Unfortunately the bold bit isn't working and I have no idea why not

  • Is opt1 the RTL card ?

  • I've checked the instructions for the WAP, it looks like it will only work as a bridged unit with one particular router (!?).

    Looks like it's nothing to do with pfSense and therefore (unless anyone knows a way round this problem) this thread can be ignored

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