Voucher in 2.0 questions?

  • Hi I will try during this week pfsense 2.0, most of the new features I want to try is "Voucher" I had read the doc about, U will have just a key and with that key will get access in CP, cool.

    Now I want to understand, does this voucher module can be access with a external program like a Point of Sale send a message to pfsense like, "hey please generate the key" and "returned to me" once the client pay the bill, the POS will be able print that info in the ticket for my client? Like s t a r b u c k s, but with the coffee company u have a username+password, is the same idea?

    Next, in what db format does pfsense 2.0 save the CP username+password or where CP will save the key created? What I need to read the db.

    I want to start working in this field, I'm very enthusiastic with this.

    Thanks all for your time, any input will be appreciated  ;D

  • I have been testing pfsense 2.0, I love and still is not a release.

    Debugging captive portal voucher system an I still don't know where or how on earth CP voucher system save the roll+keys, I can see that the db is a simple text file, I see the active+used keys, but I still don't understand where are the roll+keys.

    Any info about I will appreciated, thanks!!!

  • I dont know if its possible with the actual system of vouchers, because if u change the  key al the roll mess up.

    The easy way (but not full automatic) its generate a lot of rolls of what u need and put the csv in the system of sales, and comment line to line when a voucher its sold.

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