Firewall feature request : users …

  • Hi,

    Will it be someday possible to add users who could administrate their own ip adress, in case of routable IPs behind pfSense.

    I plan on using pfSense as my firewall with behind it at least a few dozen servers with routables adresses, and I would like to be able to leave the users administrate rules for their IP on their own.

    For example, I have a client "user1" who owns 3 servers, and therefore has at least 3 routable IPs : I would associate his user with his servers and he would therefore we able to connect to pfSense with his own login/password and set rules only for his 3 servers.

    Would that be possible ?

  • Only with a bounty.  I have thought about adding a feature to assign a interface to a user and only let a user edit that interface.  Then you could assign a vlan to the user, etc.

    But, it's only a pipe dream and I am not very motivated right now due to all the other cleanups and work needed in so many other areas.

  • Starting with version 2 a user manager will be included for administration. That one will be a lot more fine grained. So after 2.0 is released we can do something with this.

    Release schedule for 2.0 is currently quite uknown.

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