Captive portal user REGISTER

  • Hi!

    im using pfsense with captive portal on my network but i need a way to the user´s could register to have acess to the captive portal :)

    do you have some documentation about that ?

    Thank you …

  • There is no registration function.  The admin needs to create the accounts.

  • The cp portal pages supports php pages. maybe you can create a registration feature this way.

  • yeah!! good idea :) …  wherecan i acess to the Database?

  • It depends what kind of solution you need but using a radius server for this makes sense I think. You'll have to do some investigation and developement work yourself here. If you come up with a solution that might suite others needs as well feel free to post your solution here.

  • ill post here :) but i dont know where to start using the local pfsense database …

  • Services => Captive Portal => Users tab.

  • You could write some php ode to add users to a remote radius server (or better yet like a postgres db and then build into radius users, I've been toying with the idea of doing that in all my spare time….I do actually need it for around summer time.


  • The Db for the users is currently located in /usr/local/etc/raddb/users
    You have to remember that this file is written on the fly everytime the system reboots or changes to radius are made.  Not a whole lot of help I realize, but its a start.  If you were really desperate you can change where radius looks for the user file in /usr/local/pkg/, then it won't get written over everytime radius updates, but then again the user manager in the gui won't update anything.

    If I figure out a less ghetto way then that I'll let you know.  I'm hoping to be able to learn more about the package system but it sounds like a new one will be released soon anyways if I'm not mistaken.

  • Does this mean if i upload a new file of users the radius will work without issues?

    users will beable to authenticate?

    thanks :)

  • It has worked for me up until now, just make sure that you don't use vi to edit the user file, for some reason it doesn't like the way it writes it.  Radius must also restart after each change to the user file to read in the new changes before the new users will be able to authenticate.

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