PFsense + 1 WIRELESS NIC broadcasting two SIDS for 2 VLANS?

  • Hello people…

    Is it possible to configure pfsense with a wireless card so that it broadcasts two SIDS? So that I can serve two different VLANS?


  • You can do this in 2.0 with a supported Atheros-based card and can create up to four of them with the same card.  It requires at least FreeBSD 8.0, but pfSense 1.2.3 is using FreeBSD 7.2.

  • Hello,

    Why specifically Atheros? If i do it outside pfsense what kind of hardware specifics am I looking for in a wireless NIC? and why maximum 4?


  • It is just the only driver that we know has it working. (driver is called ath)  The limit of 4 is in the driver.

  • We do this quite often with pfSense and Engenius WAPs.  Most of the Engenius equipment supports VLANs and up to 4 SSIDs.  As long as the wireless resides outside the pfSense box 1.2.3 will work fine.

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