Wireless and lan , seperate in pfSense

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    router gw
    LAN 1.x      one PC with wireless card
    second PC, wire,

    ap(pfSense) LAN
    pfSense wireless card is opt1 (static,
    wan port is empty

    i want, to connect with pc (1.230) on wireless (1.2 or 1.3)
    default gw is 1.1

    and i must view 1.200
    but i dont want bridge between lan and opt1 on pfsense

    how can my configuration must look

  • Your LAN and OPT subnet is identical. In such a scenario you only can use bridgeing, but you can filter that traffic too. Just turn on the filtering bridge at system>advanced and set up appropriate firewallrules.

  • if i have OPT1 on example
    how can use my gateway to work wireless users with internet?

  • Wireless users have to use the OPT1-IP as gateway. Simply set up a DHCP Server for the OPT1 at services>DHCP server, OPT1 tab. Then create a rule at firewall>rules, opt1 similiar to the default pass rule that is already present at firewall>rules, lan.

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