Configuring captive portal with the FreeRadius package

  • Hi have sent a lot of time googling this and can't find the answer. It also appears that a number of people have battled with this.

    I have installed the FreeRadius package.

    I have two NICs; LAN and WAN and want to use the captive portal on the LAN connection.

    My Captive Port works find with local accounts but when I try use the FreeRadius install I keep getting ""No valid RADIUS response received".

    In the captive portal settings I have tried all of the following for the radius IP: LAN, WAN and localhost IPs

    For the calling station IP I use the LAN IP.

    If you need me to post some lOGS, tell me how and I will do it.

    Some help would be appreciated greatly….. :-)


  • my Suggestion, It will be better to try some radius based management software. Radius manager, Yfi Hostspot Manager are few which is compatible with pfsense.

  • Sorted. I needed to add a client to the Radius settings using the IP of the pfsense server :-)

  • hello!!
    If you can speak french take this configuration,31536.0.html
    it's work well!!sorry for my english

  • Please, how do I install radius manager in pfsense, can you give me a guide plz,thank you

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