Verizon Wireless EVDO and PFSense

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    I am just curious what PCMCIA adapter I should use and what Wireless PC Card I should purchase to use this as a WAN.  I did do much searching and found nothing on the forums about this.  I appreciate all and any help!  The list of the Wireless Cards are here
    Click on Wireless PC Cards to view the list.

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  • I did some work on this in the past, some guy wanted to get this working, I modified freebsd src to accept the Kyocera card, created the config like it should be, and never heard from him again. It was never implemented with GUI etc. (he was supposed to fix those parts himself and submit them to pfsense but…)

    I dont have EVDO here, and have no use for it. So unless you are prepared to add this yourself then it's not going to happen any time soon.

    The old stuff is here:
    This was(may still be ?) working with the Kyocera card and Verizon EVDO on fbsd 6.0(maybe 6.1beta).

    It can be modified, and you can check the Freebsd HCL for info on what (if any) EVDO cards are supported.
    If the card is supported you should be able to just use the ppp config to get it running.

    Good luck, have fun and please don't bug me about this. I have no time/desire to help out with this ATM.

  • LSF,

    How much of a bounty would you want to consider implementing this?

  • I'm not really in a position to test this, i'm located in .no and does not have the service available to develop and test. The previous work was done by having RDP access to a winXP PC and a FreeBSD unit with EVDO card.
    I think this work is better suited for someone that can have hands on access to a test system. It's very timeconsuming to work with someone else in a completely different timezone, and depend on that person to be able to fix stuff when I break stuff during testing (like the FreeBSD/pfsense setup not booting after new kernel compiles).

    If someone could provide a test setup where I can have access to a IP-reach KVM system, then maybe it can be done easier. But it's still not ideal. $$ allways makes it more interesting, but i still think this task is better suited for someone else. You can start a bounty thread and see what kind of $$ you can raise, if it's enough then someone (me perhaps) will most likely make it happen.

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