$150 for an hours help and advice on vent from a pfsense expert *price increase*

  • ** update need this fixing soonish

    Hope I'm not breaking any rules here, I know there is commercial support but it starts at $500 which is too much as the client is a school and broke so I'm helping them out pro-bono.

    What I need is an expert to help me get multi wan load balancing working and a couple of NAT rules.

    Will pay via paypal upfront.

    Obviously if you have a single post on here don't try it on!

    pls pm and we can chat on vent.

  • Save the cash and try working through the document below (or even better, spend $30 bucks and buy the book, you'll get far more out of it).


  • offer still stands!

  • You're going to be more successful finding someone willing to run the risk of getting sucked into hours of free help if you clearly define what you want to configure.  "multi wan load balancing working and a couple of NAT rules" could easily turn into a big project depending on what you've already done, what you do or don't understand and what problems you're actually trying to solve with pfSense.

  • I really don't think it will be hours of work. In a nutshell:

    1. We have 3 WANS sitting on netgear routers.
    2. 1 router has 4 NAT maps (smtp/http/https/sharepoint)
    3. Load balance and failover all 3 WANS.

    thats it!

    Can offer remote access to the pfsense box and am available on vent. Let me know if you think this needs more than $50, I'm paying it out of my own pocket to help out the school (sucker for volunteering!).


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    On the face of it this doesn't look too difficult but presumably you have tried to do yourself and things haven't gone smoothly.  :P
    Could you describe what you have done so far?
    The world needs more volunteers, keep it up!  ;D


  • I coudnt get the load balancing to work (no traffic on wan 2 and 3), also the users complained of disconnections when using terminal server from home.

  • I'm going to be blunt here: I know you said you have limited financial resources, but $50 is really pretty much nothing, for something that might very well take a couple of hours (or more) to resolve.

  • You need to provide more details and I suspect you'd get more help posting in the forums and waiting for volunteers to provide some form of aid.

    For starters, as submicron has stated, whoever is going to help you, paid or not, will need more information such as:

    1)  What type of WAN connections are these?

    2)  What exact routers are these and are they necessary (could the pfsense box simply be connected to the WAN links directly)

    3)  What kind of IP subnets are we looking at (in between the netgears and the pfsense box)

    4)  What servers are you hosting behind the pfsense that remote clients need to reach?

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  • This bounty is completed and I got paid.

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