Captive portal and trasparent proxy

  • I think I have a fairly simple question:

    Does the Captive Portal package work with transparent proxy enabled?

    I haven't been able to find any conclusive evidence and it seems as that would be possible, but i thought I'd ask to be sure.



  • The answer seems like "yes", which is what i thought.

  • Hello Sijis,
    i'm trying to perform the same installation but I see  one small problem: their are no forward to the authentication page (it work without squid proxy package). ( but when i launch manually the url from a client, the page appair.

    If you have found the solution, please, write it!

  • In our setup, we had to use the pfsense LAN IP as the gateway IP for the clients. Once i did that then things started working for us. We also put in the FW rules for any:any for all traffic. Its in a test lab so security of it isn't a problem for us right now.

    However, we seem to be having an issue where occasionally the captive login doesn't show up initially and once we stop and start the captive service that seems to 'fix' it. What is the manual URL you are using to force the page to appear?

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