RRD Graphs and OpenVPN

  • I noticed that their is no graph for OpenVPN, can I correctly assume this is because there is not an Interface for OpenVPN like IPSec? If so is there a way to see on pfSense how much traffic passes through the VPN similar to the IPSec graph?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 1.2.3, you can assign the OpenVPN interface as an OPT interface and it should show up then.

    Each OpenVPN instance gets its own interface, so each would be shown separately for traffic graphs. IPsec all runs through the same interface (enc0) which is why it has a single aggregate graph.

  • Thanks, for that. I forgot that one does this for the advanced options like this and bridging.

  • i am new at this, but would like to learn how to setup this option, can you show me how

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