Performance issues

  • Hello!

    I've been testing out the 1.2.3-appliance on a E2200 (2.0GHz Pentium DualCore, 4GB RAM) running windows 2008 r2 and VMWARE Workstation 7.1 now for a week.

    Everything has been working fine except for some minor issues.

    Yesterday I wanted to try and max my throughput on my 100/100Mbit WAN-connection using bit-torrent.
    This resulted in 100% CPU-usage on the VMWARE-client (Pfsense got 1 core of the CPU) and also the uTorrent-client for some reason and a maximum of 7MB/s download.
    Before, I used pfsense on a dedicated machine and easily got at least 11MB/s and the cpu was not even close to 20% load on average.

    What could cause this? Isn't OPEN-VMWARE-TOOLS installed as standard in the "Appliance"?

  • ESXi 3.5 +
    20Mbs WAN traffic and 80Mbs LAN with 60% CPU

    My LAN switch is a Gigabit, but i dont think that I can max it out trough pfSense. So, keep your WAN, LAN, DMZ, and MgmtNet infrastructure physical and isolated. Use pfSense with dedicated NICs only for routing between.


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