Tenda W311U Setup - beta 2.0

  • I'm trying to configure pfSense to use to replace my existing router and i'm finding it quite difficult to get the wireless set up (Tenda W311U USB adaptor). I'm not massively conversant, having only used Linux a handful of times on various occassions and eventually giving up on it (usually due to issues with wireless cards and adaptors!). I'm perfectly capable of putting in commands though.

    What i'm trying to do is have a cable modem, plugged in to this pfSense computer via ethernet (which will obtain the address off the modem via DHCP), which will then provide my 50mbps Virgin wireless connection round my house.

    I'm aware that only the 2.0 beta supports my device so i've got the latest version of the beta 2.0 snapshot (today's), set it up as i thought best, and tried the following:
    Going to the shell and typing

    kldload runfw.ko

    ifconfig wlan create wlandev run0

    ifconfig wlan0 list countries

    ifconfig wlan0 country UK


    And note that run0 is there.

    Then i went to the web GUI > Interface > (Assign):
    And clicked "add".
    Then chose run0 for the LAN and left vr0 as the WAN.
    Then clicked save, and then was no longer able to access any web pages (?), so had to restart.

    When i'd restarted and it's all gone (no run0 in ifconfig).

    Not quite sure how to get this thing to work, or how to get it to stay working.

    Any help guys? I've read around, but i'm rather clueless.

  • Don't manually create the wlan interface from the console.  Also, if you are configuring pfSense from LAN, don't replace LAN with run0 or you won't have access to actually configure the wireless interface.

    There is somewhere that you can load that kernel module automatically at boot, though I'm not really sure where the proper place is.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Add a line to /boot/loader.conf.local

    That should load the module at boot.

  • Thanks, i take it that i will then be able to set it up using the GUI web interface and that these settings are automatically saved and applied on boot? (and no, i won't replace LAN with run0 again, i've learned what that does now ;) )

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