[SOLVED] ICMP, HTTPS managment from WAN, correct WAN FW rules?

  • Hi everyone, I`m new in pfsense!

    1. When I have (Block private networks & Block bogon networks) in Firewall -> Rules -> WAN tab, then I could not ping WAN interface (ICMP) and could not connect to HTTPS remote management. When I remove thees two rules and only left my own (look at picture) then I can do ICMP and remote HTTPS connection.

    What I need to do to make my network secure from wan and allow network management, etc.?

    Firewall -> Rules-> WAN tab:

    2.) I have Windows server in my LAN subnet (example. - Windows server address, Terminal Server (TCP/UDP 3389)), I want allow clients connect to it from internet. What is the best way how to configure it?

  • Thank you that you are so supportive!  :'(

    1.) I figured out how to do this by myself. So thanks anyone who helping me! ;)

    2.)I did this using PORT forwarding and one WAN rule.

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