Any way to setup MAC filtering?

  • I'd like to deny access to all unknown MAC addresses wirelessly as neither WEP nor WPA seem to work correctly with the RAlink2560.
    Is it possible I can't find the menu option to do so?

  • Macadressfilter is not inlcuded yet but you could setup the captiveportal on your wireless link and only allow the macs you want to pass. For all others upload a nice "move along, nothing to see here!" page with no possibility to authenticate  ;)

  • you can olso try this :

    give all youre pc's a static dhcp mapping
    and eneabe this dhcp server option :
    Deny unknown clients
    If this is checked, only the clients defined below will get DHCP leases from this server.

  • Thanks :)

    Which of these methods is the more secure?

  • You can use all of them if you are really concerned about security.
    Also enable the following DHCP Server option:
    Static ARP 

      Note: Only the machines listed below will be able to communicate with the firewall on this NIC.

    This way they not only get an DHCP lease but they will be ignored completely even if they assign themself a static IP.

  • @hoba:

    Macadressfilter is not inlcuded yet

    Any chance to see macfiltering soon?  ;D

  • Nobody is working on this currently afaik. Maybe a bounty could speed things up.  ::)

  • Use the captive portal mac filtering option.

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