Block port 80 but allow IM

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to block web access for some LAN IP but I want to allow MSN messenger to continue to work. I have created a firewall rule in LAN tab (please see picture attached) but it also blocks msn messenger.

    any help will be appreciated.


  • Do you have added allow rule for MSN Messenger TCP port (1863)?

  • According to

    MSN uses

    TCP                                   UDP
    1863, 6891-6900, 6901 1863, 5190, 6901

    I believe MSN uses 1863 for its main connection, the other ports listed maybe for voice clips, webcam, sharing files.  Depending on your MSN client as well i have heard of it using 443 (SSL).

    ** Remember to set your allows at the TOP and the block * at the bottom, rules are processed from the top down, and if you do block all then allow 1863 it will ignore it.

  • No I only blocked port 80 and assumed that all other ports would work as normal.
    Thanx guys I will try allowing those ports to see if it will work and I will post back.

  • yeah….this right...the standart port of windows live messenger is important.

    i have block some others: icq , msn , skype

    with firewall you can block icq and msn.
    with make firewall rules for your specific programs and so the port 1863 are not allowed ;)

    when some messenger like skype use also port 80 or 443 (http, https) then you need a paketfilter like snort - to analyse one layer deeper, in the packages -
    to identificate skype login or file-transfer or simething like that^^

    it works great for me!
    No ChatTools :)

  • it works when i allow all the listed ports there, not just one.

    Thanx guys.

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