Captive Portal page not loading

  • Greetings,

    We use PFSense at my college to provide RADIUS authentication for students who want to use the wireless at our college.  There was an emergency rebuild of the PFSense box due to VMWare eating the image, and while it mostly seems to be working, the captive portal part isn't working at all.

    With captive portal turned off, anybody can connect to wireless, receive a DHCP lease, and browse the internet just fine.  When I turn on the captive portal function, all connections time out except for connections to the server itself. ( When I view the captive portal page itself manually ( it comes up just fine, RADIUS authenticates me, and I'm able to browse the internet at my convenience.

    In other words, the redirect that's supposed to punt people to the captive portal page appears not to be working.  Any theories about what might be set wrong?


    Edit: Looks like it might be the same as this problem

  • Problem has already been asked under the 2.0 feedback and problems.  Supposed to be a fix on the newest snap, but no snaps have been created since the 27th.  Haven't heard anything from any of the developers about this problem yet though.,30562.0.html,30509.0.html

  • With the newest snap, 2.0-BETA4 (i386) built on Mon Nov 29 17:36:11 EST 2010, my captive portal redirect at home is working great.

  • Unfortunately, I'm using 1.2.3.  Sorry for not including that information.

  • Hi all.
    Im using PFS 1.2.3 installed on a PC. I have to NICs, that i have configured LAN's IP :, WAN's is
    When i don't use CP, all clients in LAN can connect to Internet normally. But, when i active the CP, at no time was correctly. I mean,
    it not "stable". So, how can i fix it?
    Plz help me as soon as possible.

  • i don't use RADIUS Authenticate. I have only one username that i want the client type it (Username and Password) before they connect to the Internet.

  • have EXACT same problem as TWALKUP and using like him 1.2.3

    can someone help us?


  • If CP doesn't redirect it's one of two things, you either aren't allowing the initial HTTP request in your firewall rules on that interface, or your DNS isn't functional.

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