Bandwitdh problem with my configuration: ARP redirection suspicion cause

  • Hi all,
    I've just replaced the Cisco PIX firewall of my customer with two pfSense in CARP… Excellent!
    I meet a problem with configuration synchronisation because I used internationnal character in rules and alias comments (characters as à,ô,è,é,ê,etc..).
    I solved this problem by removing all international character and it's working pretty well.
    But I meet another problem and I suspect that is related to ARP redirection.

    Here is my first question:

    • Is pfSense doing ARP redirection on the LAN side ?

    And here is my second question:
    I've join a picture for explain my problem:

    • Left side: configuration with problem
    • Right side: configuration without problem
      What can be the problem ?

  • Try setting the follwoing option at system>advanced:

    Static route filtering 

    This option only applies if you have defined one or more static routes. If it is enabled, traffic that enters and leaves through the same interface will not be checked by the firewall. This may be desirable in some situations where multiple subnets are connected to the same interface.

  • It's working!

  • Nice and thanks for the great diagrams of your network to understand the problem  :D

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