• Hello I am using pfsense in this way (0.96.4) :

    Internet–--->ISP router--->private class C ---> PFSENSE ----> DMZ with /29 public range
                                                                        |     |
                                                                      LAN   |
                                                                          Wifi zone ( 4 AP) with captive portal activated

    On the Wifi zone NIC I create 2 Vlan, one for trusted computers and another one for public hotspot( redirected to captive portal)
    All is fine when adding VLAN and asociating them to the Wifi zone NIC. The 2 interfaces are briged with the wifi zone NIC. The problem comes up when I go to the rules tab, here I can see my 2 new cards (Vlan) but when I add one rule I've got an error on the top frame saying that it could not load the rules and that the error message of pfctl was : DIOCSETSTATUSIF
    I went to the /tmp and edited the rules file, I noticed that if I delete the lines about logininterface on the 2 new Interfaces pfctl stop generating this error.... but when I do a simple ifconfig, there is only one bridge up and nothing is coming on (tcpdump on pflog0 and wifi Nic and bridge0)..

    So perhaps, my NIC can't use Vlan (rlt8139d)...it is a test machine, the final one will use better NIC...

    If you have any idea....

    I will try on better cards

  • DIOCSETSTATUSIF generally means that pfctl is trying to operate on a non-existant interface.

    Do the VLANS really exist when you do a ifconfig?

  • In fact….. no. Vlans are not present :-(

    I will investigate a bit more.

    Thank you for all that work. Each day I log into pfsense I say to myself...it's too perfect ! Features are awesome and GUI too !!!!

  • Don't worry, my NIC can't support 802.1q ;-)

    delete this

    Thank you

    Merry Christmas ;-)