Captive Portal without Submit

  • Hi All,

    I have browsed the forum and could not find an alternative listed anywhere.  Here is my problem:

    We have a pfsense with Squid enabled captive portal.  The company wishes for its users to be redirected to one website before having access to the web.  HOWEVER, as the equipment will be going to many different countries they would like to get rid of the Legal Jargon / Submit button on the captive portal.

    I have tried putting JS in to the login page BODY to perform document.formname.submit() but this puts the page in to a loop rather than moving to the redirect.

    So to break it down:

    1: User joins LAN
    2: User starts browser of choice
    3: Redirect page flashes up automatically clicking Submit
    4: User specified web site shown

    Many thanks!!

  • you need a submit button, it tells the firewall to allow access.

  • I understand that the Submit button must be included on the Captive portal.  The question is not how to get rid of but rather automatically trigger it on page load without a loop of doom.

  • When you tested it, did you manually go directly to the captive portal page or did you get redirected there when trying to access something else?  When you go there manually, it redirects to itself when you log in.

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