Bridging Lan with WiFi

  • Well last night I spend about two hours playing with this and didn't get anywhere. So I am trying to bridge WiFi with Lan, but WiFi isn't handing out IP addresses. On the monitor Wifi doesn't come up with an IP address, is has: Ral0 -> None (DHCP)

    I was working with "Access Point2" from PFSenseFocs.

    So details:
    I am using PFsense 1.2.3 release.
    Over LAN I have internet access.
    I have a PCI wifi card.
    I have a working Wifi network and SSID.
    I have set an IP address on the computer manually, with no luck, can't ping my system.
    I am running DHCP and LAN and works.
    Over LAN I have internet access.
    Both my iMac and PC's can't get an IP address.

    Can anyone advise me on what changes I need to make to the config page?
    Here is mine, I photoshoped stuff I want kept out.

  • Did you add the firewall rules to allow DHCP from the WLAN?

  • @wallabybob:

    Did you add the firewall rules to allow DHCP from the WLAN?

    No, no I didn't know that.

    Are you able to provide a link?


    Now I have it working, all I need was two rules installed for it to work.

    I am using a Linksys WMP54G Version 4.1, the antenna which came with the card was a good one, it still wasn't able to handle broadcasting my network. So I switched it for a TP-Link TL-ANT2405C and I didn't seem to suffer from low signal any more.

    What I did as shown, below:

    First off there was no rules added, so I went slow and created and deleted a few, but when I had these on it seemed to work:

    Here is the settings for one:

    And the second rule I created:

    I was also able to fire up Team Viewer, and both firefox and IE works. I hope my Laser printer will work over Lan and WiFi, well once I have moved, I'll find out.

    I hope this will help others out, please post a comment if this helps you in anyway.

  • No need for second firewall rule on OPT1Wireless, because first one already allows all :)

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