Opt interface internal connectivity but no internet.

  • Have a PFSense 1.2.3-RELEASE system we just installed. The configuration is a single WAN with 2 Seperate LANs.

    LAN /24
    Opt /24

    We put any any statements in for all 3 interfaces just to try to get things talking. We are able to ping from the Opt interface to the interface IPs of the WAN and the LAN but it will not route any traffic out to the internet thru the WAN. I have tried everything on the OPT interface from different IP ranges and removing it from the system rebooting and adding it back in again. The only difference in hardware is the WAN and LAN are intel nics and the Opt interface is on a realtek nic.

    Could it possibly be the NIC card in the system???  ???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Probably not, but you can confirm what happens with packet captures. Did you change outbound NAT at all?

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