Pass "?redirURL" to Redirection URL

  • After CP-Login, people get redirected to our intranet-information-page, but many people are annoyed, that they have to retype the URL they initially wanted. So is there a way to pass the redirURL to the static-CP-redirection? So i could put a link at the top of the page like "Klick here to jumt to your requested url:".
    I hope you understand what i mean… so something like redirection to :
    I use Pfsense 2.0 latest snapshot....

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for any thought...

    cheers, Sascha

  • It is possible on 2.0 by uploading a custom redirect page (might be incorrectly called logout page in the settings).  You may need to have the logout popup enabled for this page to display (but you can remove it from the redirect page if you don't want it).  You can get the contents of the current file by going to Diagnostics: Edit file and opening /var/etc/captiveportal-logout.html (don't edit it here; just copy it so you can save it into a file on your computer, edit that copy, then upload it on the captive portal settings).

  • No there is no such way for it.
    I would not recommend doing what you need and let alone what Effone says.

    Just tell people policy is policy.

  • What is that option for on the captive portal settings page if it wasn't intended to be used?

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