Problem with IP and MAC address on CP

  • im using PFS 1.2.3
    when i using CP, i noticed that on the first time i connect to the Internet, the CP is ok. but, when i log out or restart, the CP is not "active" for that time. I mean, if my client has the same IP with everytime, the CP will not authenticate.
    For eg.
    my WAN IP is
    my LAN IP is range to
    so, the first time i connect to Internet, my client's IP is and the CP displayed a authentication webpage.
    then, i logout (or restart) my computer, and IP remains But at this time, the CP NOT displayed a authenticate webpage as previous time.
    So, if i want to my client be authenticated each time connect to the Internet (after logout or restart), what should i do?
    sorry for my bad Eng.

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