Packet Capture not working

  • Hi guys,

    as mentioned in this thread (,30794.0.html) I discovered a problem with the packet capture function of the WebGui. When I start the capture, the Logs says "kernel: vr0: promiscuous mode enabled" and drops right back to "kernel: vr0: promiscuous mode disabled" after a second. TCPdump on the console works flawless though. This is really annoying since for an hour or so, I simply assumed that there was no traffic to be captured. Now that I know it's not a major problem, but I am very keen to find out what happened and why since I am going to rely on some two- to three-digest numbers of pfSense appliances for a big project and would like to know what I am dealing with.

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  • What hardware are you using?

  • I tried two different pfSense, one was the appliance from (Module vrX), the other one was a virtual Maschine on ESXi 4.1. It does not seem to be a problem with the promisc mode since it works from console using tcpdump.

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    Are you using the embedded/nanobsd install? Try adding the "packet capture fix" package, since there was a bug that shipped with 1.2.3.

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