• hello

    my openvpn strctur is:

    intranet (lan)  –- squid cache proxy --- havp proxy --- intranet (lan)

    the vpn client can ping every machine in network and can access https sites in network, and can access vnc connections or remote desktop cpnnections, BUT

    he cant access normal http protocol and i dont know why???????????

    to add, i have squid proxy listen on and havp proxy on lan interface with parent proxy squid.
    https access - no http ???? why??? firewall is open to all to test ;)

    i can access throw vpn:
    all servers ping and filesharing but not apache http
    vpn client can surf throw internet on other site throw squid and havp and proxy filter

    outbound rule vpn: vpn source to network destination
    outbound rule lan: vpn source to network destination
    squid is on port 3333
    and havp on 8080
    port redirect from lan from 80 to 8080
    and that is in my opinion the problem to access f.e. http:\   because i can access 192168.10.6:3000 (its a tool for network stats)
    how can i fix this

    please can someone help me why i cant access http protocol

  • what have i basic set, that i can access http over openvpn?

    redirect gateway or not?

  • If it can't access HTTP, but can access other protocols, then it's either a proxy configuration setting on the client that's wrong or a configuration issue with the proxy server(s).

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